Aluminium a Post-Transition Metal and has a atomic number of 13.

Chemical propertiesEdit

  • The metal itself is highly reactive, though its aluminium oxide layer gives aluminium its seemingly unreactive properties.
  • Its ion usually has a +3 charge.
  • It can be a cation (as an aluminium salt) or an anion (as aluminates, for example).

Physical propertiesEdit

  • It is very lightweight.
  • It is light-silvery.


Aluminium is a relatively cheap but useful metal. The properties of being lightweight, malleable, strong, and being seemingly "unreactive" (by its oxide layer) make it useful for things like aeroplanes, chip packets, and aluminium foil.


Most aluminium is extracted from a mineral called bauxite, which can be found in various places around the world but is mostly mined in Australia.

(More about aluminium extraction to be added later)

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