The location of Americium





Group, period

N/A, 7

Electrons per shell

2, 8, 18, 32, 25, 8, 2


Glenn T. Seaborg, Leon Morgan, Ralph James, Albert Ghiorso

Date discovered


Location discovered

Metallurgical Laboratory, University of Chicago

Atomic weight




Americium is a synthetic element with the symbol Am and the atomic number 95. Americium is a radioactive metallic element first obtained in 1944 by Glenn Seaborg and his team by bombarding plutonium with neutrons. The leement was named after the Americas just as europium was named after Europe. Americium is commonly used in smoke detectors.

Appearance Edit

Pure americium has a silvery white luster. At room temperature, it tarnishes in dry air. It is more silvery than plutonium and neptunium, and is more malleable that neptunium and uranium. Alpha-emission from 241Am is approximately three times more than that of radium.

Americium is a fissile element, meaning that it is unlikely that the element will be used in any weapons unlike that of the isotopes of plutonium or uranium.

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