Hydrogen 6 (6H)
Name, symbol Hydrogen 6, 6H
Isotope of Hydrogen
Neutrons 5
Protons 1
Nuclide data
Natural abundance 0
Half-life {{{half life}}}
Decay products Tritium
Isotope mass 6.04494(28)
Spin {{{spin}}}
Excess energy {{{excess}}}
Binding energy {{{binding}}}
Decay mode 3n
Decay energy {{{decay energy}}}
Discoverer B. Parker, Kamal K. Seth, R. Soundranayagam
Location discovered USA
Date discovered 1990

Hydrogen 6 (6H) decays from triple neutron emission. It has 1 proton and 5 neutrons.

Table Edit

Nuclide P N mass half-life nuclear spin
6H 1 5 6.04494(28) 2.90(70)×10−22 s [1.6(4) MeV] 2

References Edit

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