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Mercury is an element which is use in measuring tools like: thermometers, spectrometers, and more. This element can be harmful when a measuring tool break. Humans and animals are harmed if it is ingested, injected, or digested.

Mercury sample

An example of a mercury sample.

The NEW Periodic Table Song (In Order)03:00

The NEW Periodic Table Song (In Order)

Watch this video to learn about the rest of the elements that makes up the Universe.

It was used a lot of times by scientists.It helpful to make more and more measuring tools which can help us know the temperature and other more around the world and for the entire universe. Keep up the good work scientists! You guys are doing just great. But sure to be careful with this thing.

There are lots of more elements that makes up the Universe other than just mercury. Press the video in the right side to learn more about Science.It will help you all understand the universe good enough!

Periodic table

Try to find mercury in this picture.You will able to learn the symbol,and the atomic mass.

More information down right here!

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