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The location of tennessine





Group, Period

17, 7

Electrons per shell



Flyrov Laboratory

Date discovered


Location discovered

Dubna, Russia

Atomic Weight



Unknown, possibly halogen

Tennessine is the name of a element that goes under the permanent symbol, Ts and belonging to the atomic number 117. This element is placed under the halogens, so it may be a halogen. The first attempt to synthetically make the element happened at the Flerov Laboratory in Dubna, Russia.

Naming Edit

Tennessine is named after Tennessee.

According to the IUPAC, the name of the discovered element should end with an -ium, not an -ine, even if it is a halogen,(IUPAC had broke this decide)but on 8th June,2016,The IUPAC decided to change this element's name to Tennessine (Ts). That mean IUPAC "It had said something,but it do something(Decide Ununseptium's name is Tessessine) break the decide,so it hit its mouth".

Experiments Edit

The staff of the Flerov laboratory has begun to experiment with the reaction shown below:

Ununseptium formula

Later experimentsEdit

A team in Darmstadt (the people to discover Element 112) have already begun to synthesize tennessine.

Predicted chemical properties Edit

Ununseptium electron shell
The bond lengths are predicted to differ from the lighter halogens (due to relativistic effects). The element may show semimetal characteristics also.


For more information, see Tennessine isotopes Edit

Tennessine has two confirmed isotopes. 293Ts and 294Ts.

References Edit

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