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Ununennium (AKA eka francium) is an element with the symbol Uue and the atomic number,119 It was not physically made and tested in a lab much like oganesson and tennessine. It would be very hard to create element 119 because, as you add more protons to the core, the amount of electrons have to circle the atom. The 119th electron would have to be further away from all the other electrons. there would be more of a chance for the electron to separate, and have an extra proton in the core.It is believed that it will be an s-block and in the akali metal group. Ununennium is the first element that has not yet been synthesized. To date, all attempts to synthesize this element have been unsuccessful. Its position as the seventh alkali metal suggests that it would have similar properties to the alkali metals, lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, cesium, and francium; however,relativistic effects may cause some of its properties to differ from those expected from a straight application of periodic trends

An atom of Uue.

. For example, ununennium is expected to be less reactive than cesium and francium and be closer in behavior to potassium or rubidium, and while it should show the characteristic +1  of the alkali metals, it is also predicted to show the +3 oxidation state unknown in any other alkali metal. If ununennium atoms were successfully synthesized, they could have different traits overall due to having the most unstable and radioactive structures.

It is not discovered.

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