This article is about an undiscovered isotope. Once it is discovered, this article will be edited with more information.

Ununseptium-282 (282Uus)
Name, symbol ununseptium-282, 282Uus
Isotope of ununseptium
Neutrons 165
Protons 117
Nuclide data
Natural abundance Synthetic
Half-life Unknown
Decay products Unknown
Isotope mass Unknown
Spin Unknown
Excess energy Unknown
Binding energy Unknown
Decay mode Unknown
Decay energy Unknown
Discoverer None of as yet
Location discovered None of as yet
Date discovered None of as yet

Tennessine-282 (282
or 282Uus) is a hypothetical radioactive isotope of tennessine. It is predicted to be the lightest possible isotope of tennessine, before falling off the nuclear drip line.[1]

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