This article is about an undiscovered isotope. Once it is discovered, this article will be edited with more information.

Ununseptium-334 (334
or 334Uus) is a hypothetical radioactive isotope of ununseptium. It is expected to have an extremely long half-life of 1016 years, which exceeds the age of the Earth.[1]

Extrapolated chemical propertiesEdit

Half-lives of three of the heaviest isotopes studied in the report, 334Uus, 336Uus, and 337Uus, were predicted to exceed the age of the Earth, which means they could have survived until the present day if they were ever created; three more isotopes are expected to have half-lives of over 80 million years, the half-life of 244Pu (the least stable primordial nuclide), which means that, if ever created in sufficient quantity, they could have survived until the present day.[1]

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