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  • Dser


    October 22, 2009 by Dser

    There are many things in the world that have a chemical composition: H2O, but on this wiki, the largest number of elements in the composition is 3. Example: Glucose, C6H12O6.

    There are three elements in this composition: Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H), and Oxygen (O). Only 3 elements!

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  • Dser

    Undiscoved elements

    October 8, 2009 by Dser

    I want to give a heads-up to anybody that joins this wiki. With undiscovered elements, we only include Neutronium, Ununseptium, and Ununennium to Biunoctium. If you create a Biunennium article, or higher, it will be deleted. This list could go on forever, so until Biunoctium is officially discovered (if it ever is), then Biunennium articles may be in progress.

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  • Dser


    August 15, 2009 by Dser

    Hi and welcome to the Elements Wiki! If you are a user and don't know what you are expected to do, read here:

    • This wiki is an education wiki. We want you to treat it as such.
    • Do not swear in articles, blogs, talk pages, etc.
    • Do not upload images that are inappropriate or are copyrighted.
    • Do not copy anything copyrighted.

    On delete pages that need to be deleted or are requested to be deleted. If more people agree that the article should be deleted, delete it! But if more people want the article kept, do not delete it!

    If you see an image with the template below, do not delete it.

    Do not just give an administration or bureaucrat job to anybody you want. It is recommended you notify other admins and bureaucrats about it.

    Do not vandalize the wiki. Haveā€¦

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  • Dser

    Template work

    August 13, 2009 by Dser

    Hello visitors and users to this wiki. If you are wondering why not much articles are being made at the moment, it is because I am creating a variety of templates for this wiki to make it a better website. I am planning on making templates for things such as different varieties of stub templates and possibly a few more . I just believe that these templates will benefit the wiki in the future. If anybody has any ideas for any templates, please write your opinion below. And as a final request, I may need some images to add on these templates.

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  • Dser

    Dumb, useless images

    August 3, 2009 by Dser

    I find it very annoying when people upload dumb images useless to the wiki that will probably never be used. I am okay with images being uploaded for user pages that have nothing to do with the wiki, but when the images get to articles, it gets very annoying and stressful.

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