Hi and welcome to the Elements Wiki! If you are a user and don't know what you are expected to do, read here:


  • This wiki is an education wiki. We want you to treat it as such.
  • Do not swear in articles, blogs, talk pages, etc.
  • Do not upload images that are inappropriate or are copyrighted.
  • Do not copy anything copyrighted.

Exclusive rules


On delete pages that need to be deleted or are requested to be deleted. If more people agree that the article should be deleted, delete it! But if more people want the article kept, do not delete it!

If you see an image with the template below, do not delete it.

Note: This article or image proves to important use. It shouldn't be deleted unless a better image is uploaded


Do not just give an administration or bureaucrat job to anybody you want. It is recommended you notify other admins and bureaucrats about it.

Last Note

Do not vandalize the wiki. Have fun, and create some articles

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